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I started this game while on a work call in which my attention was not really required (why did they even need me? sigh).

A couple of dialogues in and I was totally hooked, laughing like an idiot to whatever Mort said. I had to write some of that shit down.

Stopped playing to continue playing it with the full focus this gem needs.

Thanks for creating this!

I fully enjoyed this game.   The characters were relatable and the slice of life story was perfectly paced.

this was absolutely wonderful! makes me want to go camping.

What a joy! Thank you so much!

Aaagh this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Incredibly funny and a joy to experience. The sort of game that I am gonna want to play through again every year.

This game really hit home for me. I was not expecting it to be this good, but man what an awesome ride. Absolutely loved getting know each character. They felt so real and fun to be around. The combination of great dialogue and simple gameplay really made me feel at home in every scene. And to top it all off, the music is AMAZING. Seriously, I love love love the soundtrack in this game. 

Thanks for the awesome game guys, this is a true gem and deserves more attention in the indie game community. It's been a while since a game put a real smile on my face and made me wish the story never ended <3

it was full of mundane yet extremely special moments.  TurnFollow always manages to create something magical, Well done guys.<3



this is so goddang cute and criminally short


Legitimately amazing game. Excellent writing and characters.


I love every second and every dialogue of this game - and Mord is simply THE BEST

Easily one of my favorite games of all time. This game is a stunning juggling act between many deeply personal stories. They range from adolescence, adulthood, and elderly; and are all amazing. You really feel their pain, but also their joy. It plays out like those memories we have when we were right there on the cusp of young adulthood, and had our first real "free" experience... Just gorgeous. I'm excited to see where Turnfollow keeps going.

Thank you for making this game.



We really really liked this game. It was a very sweet and quiet but very well written character piece about the quiet peace of camping and relationships. I was also delighted to see the M+A extra story hidden in the chapter select. It was a beautiful way to spend an evening. I am going to check out the other games by Turnfollow!


I got this game with the bundle for racial justice and equality, i really liked it! It was a real cute game to play and I think I'll like exploring it more in the future to see things I might have missed at first. Thank you guys for this good game !


GOD i loved this game. i got it in a bundle a while ago. i'm really glad i did. the atmosphere is cozy, the dialogue is a joy to read and it's overall a very pleasant experience. it really does feel like a weekend camping trip. also, mord is so cool

mord is a kindred spirit

Played this on Switch and loved it. Cozy, but not cloying. Very touching.


Hey! Can anyone tell me if there are snakes in the game? I started it and there was a rattlesnake warning and I can't handle even drawings of snakes, so please let me know!

I loved the beginning though. The music, the atmosphere and the art style, they are all lovely. 


Hello! The only mention of snakes is in that opening scene with the poster, no depictions!


Thank you! I’m looking forward to completing the game then. 🌸

The story-telling was super nice, I really liked the style and the kids made me laugh, super enjoyable c: thank you! 

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a very wholesome little game! thanks so much for this cute experience <3

I loved it! Thankyou for making it

I want more of mord!!! Freaking cute animation.
Love it :)

loved the animation and the story

really lovely and sweet. i feel like eating a hotdog now :>


If it hadn't been for the racial justice bundle, I probably never would have found this little gem. Honestly, it captures the experience of childhood camping incredibly well. That safe space outside of your everyday life where you can address things that may be harder elsewhere. I also love how the character arcs are not entirely resolved, the kids clearly learned some things, but Cloanne and Brad still have things to discuss after this. It feels real because of that. Lovely game.


Got this in the racial justice pack and just adored this! The story was fun and sweet. The characters were also very well written, would love to see more of them. Definitely wish I saved this to play on stream!

Yo I reviewed this game in Portuguese. I got it in the Racial Justice Bundle and loved it.

It's also on every podcast aggregator out there!

Really great game, I super enjoyed playing it. The art style was very nice, as was the animation, overall the characters were very engaging as was the story.

Honestly, I was not expecting too much, but I have played WOBJ and loved how light, and positive, and funny, and fresh it is. I feel a mix of nostalgia and good vibes, and I have been moved in a delightful way.

Thank you for this game <3


I came into this game a bit skeptical and was totally won over by the end. The characters are all so well-designed and well-written; this was a really charming, intimate little game that left me smiling once it was over.

Big camping memories. Very cute. the world is better for this game existing

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My buddy and I played this for our YT channel and dear lord, was this one of the most entertaining little indie titles we have ever played!

What starts off as an off-kilter camping adventure quickly evolves into a pretty deep story about coming of age in more ways than one. Not only is it a coming of age for Mord and Ben who are about to embark on the long awkward road of teen-hood, but also for Brad and Clo whose short arc shows us that growing up doesn't stop when you're an adult and that just as you are able to teach those around you, you will continue to learn from those around you as well.

Mix all that with some really well written characters and dialogue, and you'll find yourself sucked into the game's most 'real' moments. The moments of being in uncomfortable scenarios, the moments of anxious conversation, and the moments of relief that follow them. It all makes for something that's very raw and emotionally compelling, if only fleeting.

My only honest complaint is that the game wasn't just a bit longer.

We laughed, we were engaged, and we felt as anxious and uncomfortable as the characters were at certain points, and to be able to pull that off in such a short time is something that many games fail to do.

Bravo. A hundred times, Bravo.

Lovely little game with nice atmosphere. Great for cheering yourself up at the moment.


Thank you for this fun and heart warming experience ! 

A short game that will make you feel like you went on a trip, for all the goofs and the deeps, with well written characters.


Such a great, relaxing game! The characters are so well written, it's pretty and funny, touches important topics but is chill about it... Definitely gives me the camping summer vibes!! Loved it, would definitely recommend, 5/5. :)


Such a cute little game and such a beautiful story. Felt like a summer camping trip for me. Thank you


This was such a beautiful game; the emotional connection you built in such a short time is truly impressive. The characters had so much depth, and all four of them were special in their own way. I loved how the narrative touched on many Big Topics but didn't feel the need to necessarily resolve anything or make everything 'right' by the end. And there were so many tiny, relatable moments.

I spent five minutes just sitting on the beach at night because it felt special and I didn't want to leave.


I love slice of life stories and this was so special.

So much characterisation and charm in the dialogue, art style, animation, music and sound design. Every part of this game works together to really give that cosy feeling and it's all so intimate. I really enjoyed playing through, thanks!


a really fantastic and adorable game. like a nice warm hug.

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