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I admire seeing the arts and the sciences come together. I think this video-game is a great example of that. The story was rich, and clever; The characters, fantastic. I only wish there was more. Great game. 5/5


Sorry dude, but this is unplayable. I dig your art style, and it's a neat concept for a game. I really wish I was masochistic enough to press on and see more of this, but I'm just not. As others have mentioned the turning the camera is terrible, the perspective feels all wrong and its hard to drive. Also, novel as that view is, the mother takes up way too much of the screen. I also really don't fucking understand why you're making the interact button do double duty as the look down button...why can't wasd move on both axes, and the mouse look on both axes? I'm generally pretty tolerant of broken/work in progress stuff, and honestly probably would have worked through that if the dialog text wasn't absolutely microscopic. That put it over the edge from something you have to work to play a little bit into full on sufferfest. Oh, also it completely breaks windows if you switch focus away from the game while it is running. It won't give the mouse back and then I think, but I'm not sure, that the game also crashes either at that point or when you try to switch back. I say I think because you just can't switch back to it, and killing it from the taskbar doesn't work, so I can only assume (no 'not responding' message is given or anything). The only recourse is to know how to drive the task manager keyboard-only.

idk if my laptops just trash but every time ive tried to play the game it made my laptop crash

Dope concept, love the moral points of the game, just wished they expanded the length of this a little more! 


very cool concept but it crashed when i was about to make the guac

Turnfollow never disappoints <3

Eat guac or die.


Ive watched this video of you playing Little Party twice now. You're so funny! And I love all the voices you do, they fit perfectly with the characters!

Awe thank you so much! I really appreciate that! ;{D 

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i tried my best to play it but sadly the camera angle gave me the most godawful motion sickness so i had to watch a playthrough instead. and it was great. turnfollow i love your stuff even when it physically hurts me.


I just want to say the Linux version did not work! It renders only half of the game on my third monitor.


is this available for 32-bit systems? I will spend time downloading this so I wouldn't want it to be wasted


Nice game! I made a playthrough - and better, without pesky comments!


I came here to play your other stuff after finishing wide ocean big jacket which to me was a masterpiece. this was good but your best wide ocean. the only thing I did not like about this game is the way you had the camera positioned on the mother made it hard sometimes to see the world around you.

nice game~ -.-

Hey, what is the name of that visual design. I really liked it. Characters something like papper. Is there anyone can tell the name of that visual design ?

hiii i havent played yet BUT i was wondering the estimated gameplay time?

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the game was fun but omg some people are really annoying me rn not in the game but irl just so youre aware yuh. i liked the art and the fact that i was playing as the mom instead of the daughter yknow. omg holy shit callmecarson awooga now thats a dame. hello?


took likee 5 days to deowanload ahuom but thairts fine beacause the gaem was funnay ande i aenjoyed it i thijnk


Was a super nice and wholesome game. The different third person view was really interesting a a refresher from most games, and the music and art was really great and went so well together and made the game that much better! Getting to know all the friends of the daughter and herself just through the music and the little text parts. Great game and super glad I stumbled across it, and good luck on future projects!

Absolutely stunning! Music was beautiful. 

One question: Where can I find the song in the beginning of the game? The song in the intro of the game. I found every other song but I just can't find this one. 

I cant find it either, but would u mind linking me to where you found the other songs? I cant find them on the musicians pages :(


Hello! Sorry for the delay Sxipp. It's originally in a couple chunks for looping, i'll look around and see if i can find a full version and also look for versions for the other songs which i'll return with also! Thank you for reachin out!

The ones I could find. I hope we are getting other tracks soon

thank you so much

Game crashes every time I try to play it :(

I'm so sorry about that! I'm not sure if this would help but if you hold down "alt" after you double click on the game icon, a resolution window should appear - trying to lower the quality settings, lower the resolution, or playing in windowed mode might make the game run! If you're still having trouble, please send me an email at 


You. Incredible. Humans. I'm a vr story maker, and I've gone on quite a journey through wonderful stories to find you. I first played Tender Claws' Under Presents last week and it was utterly delightful. Then I looked for anything else they were associated with, and found Wide Ocean Big Jacket, which provided the most delightful evening of play with my partner, as we laughed during the funny bits and clutched each other during the tender bits. How on earth did you write that script? It's so tight. So real. So nuanced and human and succinct. Then I decided to spend today playing everything else you have made because I adore your storytelling, your visual aesthetic, your bravery, your sass, and your playfulness. And what a revelation -- this piece, Little Party, is the greatest thing for a creator like me to see. It's such a beautiful, ahem, 'prevolution' of WOBJ: it shows me how you got there, your process, your learning, your skill at seeking feedback and incorporating it. I would love to meet you both! Thank you for your creativity, and for the stories you're bringing into the world! -wyatt


The game is great, however, when I get to the part where the mum wakes up from reading her book, I get stuck. You see the door shut which you can't open then I walk outside to talk to the two friends by the water and have no clue what to do next. This may be a me problem haha but keep up the good work!

Hi! Thank you for playing and sorry for your trouble! In that scene you should be able to hear some music coming from out by the lake! If you leave out the back of the house and walk into the forest the music should get louder! 

Hey! also had this same problem and closed the game because I thought it was a bug. Is there a way to start the game from this point or do I just have to play through again? (Super enjoying it tho!)

Hi! I'm sorry for the difficulty! If you download the "Bit Bash" version of the game, you can press Escape to open a chapter select menu, use the arrows to select "Late Night" and press "Enter" to open that chapter. The 'L' key is used to quit! Hope you enjoy the rest!

thanks so much for the reply! Iโ€™m sure I will.

can't play T-T

Hi! I'm really sorry about that! Could you send your operating system and version and any thing else you noticed happening to and I will try to figure out what's going on!!!