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I will always play Turnfollow´s games. 

Hi, just a question I just finished this game I thought I got into the back of pick up and the game ended but then I look at the screenshots here I didn't see any of these.

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Hey! to play the different chapters, you have to go to each campfire. The story unfolds that way. 

hi i tried to download little party but it didnt  keeps crashing 


i'm sorry that i just saw this!

what platform are you using? send me an email at and i can try to figure it out for ya!



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pc my gmail is 

The ending was fantastic, and I think you really nailed the feeling of the mystic west. Love the black and white story sections too! Well done team, I wish you luck in the future.

This felt great after I got over the slowness at first :)

Technical notes: the window should probably capture the mouse and resolutions would ideally not be restricted. You could also work with letterboxing (none during color mode, cinematic letterboxes during flashback mode?) On my 1920x1080 screen I had to use 1680x1050.