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i loved the story and art style :')

very nice, thanks for this. being in lockdown I just wish to go on a camping like that

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Wide Ocean Big Jacket has character, but unfortunately, that didn't draw me in enough to make up for the slow nature of the story and the lackluster controls and graphics.

Mechanics - 2/5 - Navigating the space felt painfully slow at times.

Visuals - 2.5/5 - Very average. Character design is nice, but the environment was a bit too simplistic for my tastes.

Sound - 2.5/5 - Didn't hate it, didn't love it. Generally pleasant, but nothing to write home about.

Story - 2/5 It didn't catch my attention. Humor was pretty miss most of the time, and the start was so slow it was difficult to stay engaged.

Overall - 2/5   Difficulty - N/A

Completed - No (~30 min)

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REALLY enjoyed this game. The characters are all so fun

Also Brad's talking sound effect is hilarious 


this game was SUCH a pleasure to play!! i love the kids so much & wide ocean big jacket was so pleasantly not-superficial--while they were still having fun and the tone was light-hearted, there were also the more serious, grounding aspects like [spoilers] Cloanne & Mord's Talk, Cloanne and Brad's kid discussion, and the adults changing how they talk for the kid's sake (I'm thinking especially of a dialogue between Ben and Brad, when Brad says something like "big mistake" and it comes off wrong and Brad backtracks to fix it)

it was just... a nice experience. i loved it.

this is a lovely, extremely well written game - i really like it. 

v good!

i wish every game was like this game

An sweet game with lovely characters. Good narrative  game with engaging dialogue. The game was very relaxing. Would highly recommend 

An incredibly charming game, love the characters, I think Ben is my favourite, but really enjoyed all the characters. Would highly recommend folk to check this out. Really wonderful <3

This game made me feel wistful but also really really good


one of the most charming games i've played. the dialogue is top notch, and the creator's use of pauses in speech to emphasize sarcasm and comedic timing in text is to die for (:

such a sweet game! I absolutely loved it. the characters, the art, the dialogue, all so wonderful! <3 <3 <3

Super cute game. Short but sweet and characters were really endearing. I love Mord.

so incredible, I've played so many story/visual novel type games and this is definitely one of my favorites. The characters are so lovable and the dialogue is great.


i loved this so much. the writing was really great and made me laugh a few times. i was feeling bad tonight and then i played this game and i felt better.

Nice game!

A really lovely game, i appreciate it so much, thank you :^)


♪♫ I want a girl with a wide ocean and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig jacket. ♫♪


This is a charming narrative game, with excellent characterisations, genuine interactions, and some laugh-out-loud humour.

Plus, I learned the best tip for finding your campsite at night.

Thanks for making me smile!


What an awesome experience! It made me want to go camping, and to build the relationships I have with those I hold dear even deeper. How lovely a thought. Thank you for a nice quiet and genuine experience. 


This game is awesome. I love all the characters and the character development too! Everything about this game is wonderful. A very joyful experience.

this was such a wonderful game! made me miss being 12 and overall gave me this nice feeling of nostalgia. made me happy :)

damn that game gives you the feels of being a young teen again. Blissful time

Really great game, the characters are sooooo endearing (Ben is my personal favorite) and the story, though it may seem basic, talks about various important subjects. The end left me with chills and a need to try your other games ! So far my favorite game of the Bundle for racial justice and equality.


One of the most charming games I've ever played, I can't remember the last time I smiled the entire way through a game.  Great characters, great writing, great humor, great presentation...  This is the best game on Itch, I cannot wait for more.


A delightful documentaryesque look at family, love and discovering the simple pleasures in life.

Amazing and relaxing game, from the colors to the setting to the music! Curious if there's any meaning behind the names "Cloanne" and "Mord"?

I discovered your game thanks to the LudoNarraCon on Steam.
I really love what you are doing.  ✨
I was wondering if you have any plans to translate the game into Spanish. I'm from Mexico and I have studies in Literature and linguistics and I'll be very glad to help.


This feels like a combination of Night in the Woods, Firewatch, and A Short Hike. That is the single greatest compliment a game could receive. Good job guys.


I love all of those games 🥰

I own this game already on steam, possible if I could own it here too?

I'm not sure if steam can provide keys for itch but I will look into it!


Is this a reference to the song "Short Skirt and a Long Jacket" by Cake? Or, am I just way off?

Hi, will this Linux version come to Steam?


It may one day but the main Steam Linix platform is SteamOS which I don't have a machine running on at the moment, so I don't feel comfortable releasing a product I haven't been able to test... 


Yeah I get this can be a little confusing, most developers just ensure it runs great on Ubuntu since that's the most common Linux people game on (almost no one actually uses SteamOS).


FWIW, the Linux version runs great on Manjaro Linux with Nvidia and Intel GPU. Also, the game itself is great :)

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Amazing game, brought back a lot of nostalgia of when I went camping as a kid, and being the one to try to have relationship like my parents did, and also being the one to ask too many question in the span of 3 mins, amazing visuals and soundtrack! This game has put itself high on my favorite list.


I really enjoy the scene and the ambient this game provides, thanks for making this great game!



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Any news about a steam key along with the purchase?

Hi! For some reason I was feeling anxious about generating the steam keys, it feels weird to me - like too good to be true or something.

BUT I have now initiated the process with steam to get the store front keys but it says that could take a day or two (in the past it has been quicker) As soon as their available on itch I will reply again and let you know and add a note to the store page! Thank you for following up!

Ok, i've added the steam keys! Never done this before but it looks pretty straight forward!

haha thank you!! I appreciate you taking the time to do this :)

super duper cool game. the music plus the atmosphere is wonderfully cozy! i was wondering what is the song used when [spoiler alert] mord and ben wandered down the creek and found the stick, does anyone know? 


That's an original song by the games composer Scott Archer! The soundtrack will come out soon! He's doing some special stuff with it! :D

oh okay, i'll be waiting for your soundtrack then. i really love what he's done with it!

Any news on the soundtrack? It came with the game but I want to use it online.


Loved it, the characters and writing were amazing! Sequel? :)



Hi. i wanna support but also curious if it comes with a steam key upon purchase? thanks :D


It currently doesn't but I've heard of people doing this and we're looking into it!

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