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Got this in the racial justice pack and just adored this! The story was fun and sweet. The characters were also very well written, would love to see more of them. Definitely wish I saved this to play on stream!

Yo I reviewed this game in Portuguese. I got it in the Racial Justice Bundle and loved it.

It's also on every podcast aggregator out there!

Really great game, I super enjoyed playing it. The art style was very nice, as was the animation, overall the characters were very engaging as was the story.

Honestly, I was not expecting too much, but I have played WOBJ and loved how light, and positive, and funny, and fresh it is. I feel a mix of nostalgia and good vibes, and I have been moved in a delightful way.

Thank you for this game <3


I came into this game a bit skeptical and was totally won over by the end. The characters are all so well-designed and well-written; this was a really charming, intimate little game that left me smiling once it was over.

Big camping memories. Very cute. the world is better for this game existing

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My buddy and I played this for our YT channel and dear lord, was this one of the most entertaining little indie titles we have ever played!

What starts off as an off-kilter camping adventure quickly evolves into a pretty deep story about coming of age in more ways than one. Not only is it a coming of age for Mord and Ben who are about to embark on the long awkward road of teen-hood, but also for Brad and Clo whose short arc shows us that growing up doesn't stop when you're an adult and that just as you are able to teach those around you, you will continue to learn from those around you as well.

Mix all that with some really well written characters and dialogue, and you'll find yourself sucked into the game's most 'real' moments. The moments of being in uncomfortable scenarios, the moments of anxious conversation, and the moments of relief that follow them. It all makes for something that's very raw and emotionally compelling, if only fleeting.

My only honest complaint is that the game wasn't just a bit longer.

We laughed, we were engaged, and we felt as anxious and uncomfortable as the characters were at certain points, and to be able to pull that off in such a short time is something that many games fail to do.

Bravo. A hundred times, Bravo.

Lovely little game with nice atmosphere. Great for cheering yourself up at the moment.


Thank you for this fun and heart warming experience ! 

A short game that will make you feel like you went on a trip, for all the goofs and the deeps, with well written characters.


Such a great, relaxing game! The characters are so well written, it's pretty and funny, touches important topics but is chill about it... Definitely gives me the camping summer vibes!! Loved it, would definitely recommend, 5/5. :)


Such a cute little game and such a beautiful story. Felt like a summer camping trip for me. Thank you


This was such a beautiful game; the emotional connection you built in such a short time is truly impressive. The characters had so much depth, and all four of them were special in their own way. I loved how the narrative touched on many Big Topics but didn't feel the need to necessarily resolve anything or make everything 'right' by the end. And there were so many tiny, relatable moments.

I spent five minutes just sitting on the beach at night because it felt special and I didn't want to leave.


I love slice of life stories and this was so special.

So much characterisation and charm in the dialogue, art style, animation, music and sound design. Every part of this game works together to really give that cosy feeling and it's all so intimate. I really enjoyed playing through, thanks!


a really fantastic and adorable game. like a nice warm hug.


Absolutely loved every minute of it… Making this a game really made the whole story tangible, material. Thanks for making this!

Adorable quiet little game. I liked that there was no big story line or grand arc. A simple camping trip which revealed a lot about the four characters. 4/5


Might've stayed in the beach for too long. This game made me miss travelling, especially now that we're in the middle of quarantine.


The dialogue between everyone felt so realistic. That was the best part of the game along with Bones


This game made my heart happy. Thank you.

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Really loved this, it's so enjoyable and I laughed and smiled throughout the entire game. Cannot recommend such a good way to spend an hour enough. 


Played it for an hour, thought about it for weeks afterwards. Great storytelling, great characters.


This game leaves me wanting for so much more with the charming characters it shows off. The atmosphere and personalities give me such a warm feeling when i think back to it.


i'd tried this game on a whim, and honestly i'm so glad i did. i absolutely loved it! the kids are super funny, but everyone is written realistically and with a distinct personality. this game masters being goofy and being serious at the same time, because its so rare that you can choose one or the other in real life. the situation of camping is a perfect fit, because ben is right- camping really is like a life away from your life. i dont know these characters, at least, i dont know what their entire lives are like, but playing as them camping together felt more intimate than i thought i could find in a game so short. 

overall, i absolutely adored it!! i'll be recommending it !


You know how to write believable pre-teens and you know how to use cuts, so few games do these let alone so well! Thanks for a lovely story in these times


Simply charming.

I'd love to casually read more of the characters in a comic or novel.


I agree! They are amazingly written


This is indeed quite the refreshing story. It is basically "just" an interactive story, but the interactivity makes the characters feel so much livelier, the environment so much more real that its easy for you to dip your toe into the waters of these relationships and immediately feel a connection. Its not grand, its not bold, but its true. Its a nice short warm movie about characters you will all too soon miss already, which is an impressive feat. 5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

hey thank you so much for making this! this is an extremely charming and beautiful game and i loved every minute of it :)


this was a ton of fun! it felt a lot like the graphic novel this one summer, condensed into an hour. that's a very, VERY good thing. the graphics are super charming and the characters are all super likable, but not at the cost of being saccharine. there were a few moments of really excellent tension that made me FEEL. the controls can be a little slow, but the music and the ~vibes~ made up for it! 10/10 would camp with again

i loved the story and art style :')

very nice, thanks for this. being in lockdown I just wish to go on a camping like that

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Wide Ocean Big Jacket has character, but unfortunately, that didn't draw me in enough to make up for the slow nature of the story and the lackluster controls and graphics.

Mechanics - 2/5 - Navigating the space felt painfully slow at times.

Visuals - 2.5/5 - Very average. Character design is nice, but the environment was a bit too simplistic for my tastes.

Sound - 2.5/5 - Didn't hate it, didn't love it. Generally pleasant, but nothing to write home about.

Story - 2/5 It didn't catch my attention. Humor was pretty miss most of the time, and the start was so slow it was difficult to stay engaged.

Overall - 2/5   Difficulty - N/A

Completed - No (~30 min)

Deleted 3 years ago

REALLY enjoyed this game. The characters are all so fun

Also Brad's talking sound effect is hilarious 


this game was SUCH a pleasure to play!! i love the kids so much & wide ocean big jacket was so pleasantly not-superficial--while they were still having fun and the tone was light-hearted, there were also the more serious, grounding aspects like [spoilers] Cloanne & Mord's Talk, Cloanne and Brad's kid discussion, and the adults changing how they talk for the kid's sake (I'm thinking especially of a dialogue between Ben and Brad, when Brad says something like "big mistake" and it comes off wrong and Brad backtracks to fix it)

it was just... a nice experience. i loved it.

this is a lovely, extremely well written game - i really like it. 

v good!

i wish every game was like this game

An sweet game with lovely characters. Good narrative  game with engaging dialogue. The game was very relaxing. Would highly recommend 

An incredibly charming game, love the characters, I think Ben is my favourite, but really enjoyed all the characters. Would highly recommend folk to check this out. Really wonderful <3

This game made me feel wistful but also really really good


one of the most charming games i've played. the dialogue is top notch, and the creator's use of pauses in speech to emphasize sarcasm and comedic timing in text is to die for (:

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